The Nitty-Gritty of Getting the Book Out…

Another thing about self-publishing is that you need to do a certain amount (like all of it pretty much) yourself. Create Space, I think offers a lot if you have enough technological skill, which I don’t. I went to the Fine Print of Self-Publishing by Mark Levine and chose a company that was in the top group. He divided the companies into, Outstanding, Pretty Good, Okay and Avoid.

Like many of the publishers, Dog Ear offers a variety of packages. They range in how much Dog Ear does or offers, and they price the packages accordingly. I used the professional package when I published my non-fiction book. It included a whole bunch of stuff that was useful to me for a professional book. I bought the Basic package this time. I had to supply the synopsis that I wrote about last time here on the blog, for the back of the book, and a short bio and photo. I also submitted, the title page, disclaimers, dedication page, Acknowledment page and a glossary of Norraender terms (some of which I made up and some of which I borrowed from Iceland).

Dog Ear takes care of the Cover Design in conjunction with what you have in mind. ISBN number, the Library of Congress registration, and registation with all the major book dealers  (Ingram etc.). They provide you with an account manager and that is who you exchange e-mails with and talk to through the entire process. As you go up in price they offer a  webpage, marketing, editing services and the list goes on. I did that last time. I also am adding the conversion to e-books, which with this publisher includes Amazon, B & N and Google. Their website offers a lot of assistance to new authors as well.

I found that I didn’t remember all that is involved, from the last time, so using their website, and just going through the process again is a big help. Outside of writing a longer bio for the Dog Ear website itself, I balance my time between teaching my online courses for college classes, planning the marketing for Book 1 and writing Book 2. I try to research and read for pleasure and  I’m  working on my social media side more, as well.  Besides my personal life, it ends up being a pretty busy time. I’m enjoying it.

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F.L. Gold has previously been published in journals, magazines, periodicals and as a non-fiction author. Dimension Norraena is the first novel of a trilogy. A former licensed psychotherapist, televison/radio host , she also teaches family and intercultural communication. Gold holds a Ph.D in Human Behavior and embraces her life as a professional writer.

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