Adjusting from Non-fiction to a Novel

I began another blog here on WordPress under the name Rica Gold. The reason for that was that when I started it, I had just published my first book , which was in the non-fiction genre. Since my next book was a novel, I decided to use my name differently. I actually like the formatting of that blog much better than this one, but the choices when I began here were more limited it seemed. Maybe I just didn’t read it well. Anyway- perhaps I will write on both of them.

I am writing about the progression of writing as a first time novelist here. What I found, of course, was that writing the nonfiction book was far easier than attempting fiction. Adultery is Universal, But I’m Getting Married Anyway was both an experimental foray into the world of writing in addition to a desire to point out an issue that was omnipresent in our every day world and a resource book for both students in communication and psychology classes as well as professionals in the healing arts field. It was a little like writing a thesis for an advanced degree, something I already had done. I tried to make it more interesting for the reader by creating scenarios to illustrate various points (my first fiction attempt)  and readers reported liking that. An enormous amount of research had to be done to acquire a variety of statistics. The statistics validated my discussion and opened eyes, both mine and the reader’s, I surmise.

From time to time I’m asked why I wrote that book and my answer pretty much comes up the same all the time. We’re told to write what we know. As a Marriage, Family Therapist, an instructor on Family Communication and formerly in private practice as a counselor for twenty years, it was certainly something I knew about. It made sense. After a two-year program online with Mission Marketing Mentors, which helped me in all areas of marketing, I selected the title with the aim of attracting attention.

I started the book in 2010. I was ready to publish at the end of 2011. We used a 2012 publishing date. The book is still in use in classes today (December 2014), but people serious about the topic academically will want to update some of the stats.

Writing fiction however, has been a much longer process for me. I realize I began this book in late 2012 and I will submit it to the publisher next month (January, 2015). It’s actually ready now, but I still want to read it one more time, something I’m told authors have a knack for getting stuck doing endlessly. That won’t be me. I am too busy with the second book in the trilogy.

I hope you’ll bop in here from time to time  to see what I learned along the way. Thanks for reading.

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F.L. Gold has previously been published in journals, magazines, periodicals and as a non-fiction author. Dimension Norraena is the first novel of a trilogy. A former licensed psychotherapist, televison/radio host , she also teaches family and intercultural communication. Gold holds a Ph.D in Human Behavior and embraces her life as a professional writer.

One thought on “Adjusting from Non-fiction to a Novel”

  1. This is nice to read, I will come back often, I thought about writing a book, but life keeps getting in the way, but I am blogging about the garden we are doing at ResMed. Its kind of fun. Hope all is well with the family.


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