Discipline and Self-doubt…

When you aren’t sure at all what the story is about, it’s easy to feel perplexed about your intentions. Why am I writing a book anyway? Even after you get some ideas about the direction you’re taking, you have to stop and think of the bigger picture. Is there a moral? A message? What genre is this novel going to be in? What should I be researching? When I wrote non-fiction- I made an outline. I couldn’t do that yet with this book. How do you make an outline when you don’t have anything to put in it.? Self-doubt began to creep in. I tried to write every day. I had started doing it years ago. Someone in one if the online programs I had participated in said that the way he accomplished writing his books, was to write three pages every day- about whatever. (I think that was Dave Krueger, MD, a terrific mentor along the way and author of multple books). Then I had taken and afterwards facilitated classes online of The Artist’s Way – which I think everyone who is creative should do, buy the book or better still take a class, be in a group on it. The Artists Way reinforced the writing every three days concept, so I embraced that idea, and still do. Some days though, you feel immobile. Stuck on where to go next, or your head is consumed with everyday life or you’re just numbed out for whatever reason.There are days when you do not follow even your own discipline, and naturally days when you have to go to work, not go home, go somewhere else, so you miss writing that day. One day, can become many days. What worked for me was to write right after breakfast. I found myself to be the most mentally alert and the least challenged to do somethung else early in the morning. Someone told me that was because I was born in the morning. Haha. I don’t know if there is any data to support that. I wrote my three pages, sometimes it was a chapter, sometimes just ideas, but I did write. I set some target dates-when I would finish the first third, where the middle would fall and finally when I hoped to have it done. I was wrong on most estimates. The main thing was, I stayed involved with the process, the characters, and the evolving story. I enrolled in a sculpting class. I thought it would get my creative juices flowing. There was a tall, red headed woman in the class. She was stunning and drew attention from any male who wandered in. Right away I knew she had to be a character in Dimension Norraena. That was the beginning of Sassy Brassy.

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F.L. Gold has previously been published in journals, magazines, periodicals and as a non-fiction author. Dimension Norraena is the first novel of a trilogy. A former licensed psychotherapist, televison/radio host , she also teaches family and intercultural communication. Gold holds a Ph.D in Human Behavior and embraces her life as a professional writer.

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